Gershon Proschansky

M, b. 15 December 1881, d. 16 October 1935
Father*Yankel Leibov Proschansky b. c 1846
Mother*Khaya Leah Proschansky b. c 1847, d. 2 Dec 1928
     Gershon Proschansky was born on 15 December 1881. He was the son of Yankel Leibov Proschansky and Khaya Leah Proschansky. Gershon Proschansky died on 16 October 1935 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at age 53.
     He was Jacob LEMPERT purchased passage at Rosenbaum Bank, Philadelphia, forGerschn PRUSZCZANSKY; residence c/o Jankel PRUSZCZANSKI, Ostrowski, Gorodje, Nowogrudok; cancelled 13 April 1904 on 17 February 1904 at 212 N. 9th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As of 1910, Gershon Proschansky was also known as George Perry. He appeared on the census of 11 April 1910 at 1005 N. Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; as George PERRY; occupation cutter, shirtwaist mill.