Moshe Perchowitz

M, b. 7 September 1906, d. circa 1990
Father*Yosef Perchowitz d. c 1937
Mother*Mina Proschansky b. 29 Feb 1872, d. c 1942
     Moshe Perchowitz married Rachel Perchowitz. Moshe Perchowitz was born on 7 September 1906; per grandson Yani PREISS. He was the son of Yosef Perchowitz and Mina Proschansky. Moshe Perchowitz died circa 1990.
     Moshe Perchowitz was also known as Moshe Perry. He immigrated on 23 February 1924; Louis PERRY purchased transportation for Moisze PERCOWITZ from Lipshutz/People's Bank in Philadelphia. He immigrated in 1933; made aliyah to Rehovot.

Family: Rachel Perchowitz d. 1954