Avrom-Elyohu Garkavy

M, b. 27 October 1839, d. 1919
Father*Rabbi Yaakov Garkavy b. 1807, d. 1894
Mother*Devora Vaysbrem
     Avrom-Elyohu Garkavy was born circa 1836; per 1858 Revision List. He was born on 27 October 1839 at Nowogrudok. He was the son of Rabbi Yaakov Garkavy and Devora Vaysbrem. Avrom-Elyohu Garkavy died in 1919 at Saint Petersburg.
     Avrom-Elyohu Garkavy was also known as Abraham Yakovlevich Harkavy. Avrom-Elyohu Garkavy was also known as Abram Eliahu Harkavy per Yizkor book p. 42. He was Born in Novogrudok in 1835, died in 1919 in St Petersburg. He lived in Novogrudok in his youth. He had a religious education. He was attracted later to the haskola. He entered the Vilno Rabbinical collage, which he completed in a short time by skipping years and enrolled in the St Petersburg University. (his detailed biography is in a book “Dor vechachamav” by Moshe Reinem, Krakow 1890 and in the Jewish Encyclopaedia vol. 6 pp 235-236).
(Novogrudok Yitzkor book.) Avrom-Elyohu Garkavy was also known as Albert Harkavy. He appeared on the census of 22 May 1858 at Novogrudok, Novogrudok, Minsk; as Abram Garkavy, age 22. He was Candidate in Oriental Languages in 1866. He was Master's Degree in 1868. He was Ph.D. in 1872. He was Librarian of the Oriental Library of the Tsar, St Petersburg in 1876.