Schimen Wengrowicz

M, b. circa 1891
Father*Schepsal Wengrowicz b. 1861, d. 17 Oct 1928
Mother*Minnie Slomski b. 1867, d. 1936
     Schimen Wengrowicz married Lily Wengrovitz. Schimen Wengrowicz was born circa 1891. He was the son of Schepsal Wengrowicz and Minnie Slomski.
     Schimen Wengrowicz immigrated on 4 August 1914 to Ellis Island, New York; as Schimen WENGROVITZ, age 23; occupation tailor; father Scheps WENGROVITZ, Wisoke; aboard the Vaderland from Antwerp; en route to brother Alter WENGROVITZ, 24 Norfolk Street. He appeared on the census of 6 January 1920 at 138 Division Avenue, Brooklyn, New York; as Sam Wengrowitz, brother-in-law; operator millinery factory. He appeared on the census of 5 April 1940 at 646 Bennet Avenue, Brooklyn, New York; as Samuel WANGROWITZ, retail grocer.

Family: Lily Wengrovitz b. c 1894