Aizik-Khonon Garkavy

M, b. circa 1839
Father*Iosel Garkavy b. c 1810, d. 1881
Mother*Tzirl Epstein Garkavy d. 1885
     Aizik-Khonon Garkavy died at age 27, Lida. He married Feiga Garkavy. Aizik-Khonon Garkavy was born circa 1839. He was the son of Iosel Garkavy and Tzirl Epstein Garkavy. Aizik-Khonon Garkavy died circa 1866 at Lida; writer and poet, Yitshak Isaac, who died when he was only 27 years old, in the city of Lida.
     Aizik-Khonon Garkavy was also known as Yitshak Isaac Garkavy. He appeared on the census of October 1850 at Novogrudok, Novogrudok, Minsk; appeared on the 1850 Revision List as Ayzik Khonon GARKAVY, age 11. He appeared on the census of 22 May 1858 at Novogrudok, Novogrudok, Minsk; as Aizik-Khonon GARKAVY, age 19. He appeared on the census of 1874 at Shchuchin area, Lida, Vilnius; as Aizik Khonon GARKAVY, age 37.

Family: Feiga Garkavy b. c 1843