Letchiya Garkavy

F, b. 4 October 1889, d. 1960
Father*Rabbi Yehudah Leib Garkavy b. 1850
Mother*Roza Sapir
     Letchiya Garkavy was born on 4 October 1889 at Wolkowisk; per husband's 1940 Declaration of Intention. She was the daughter of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Garkavy and Roza Sapir. Letchiya Garkavy married Abraham S. Sinkin, son of Aaron Sinkin, on 30 May 1909 at 88 E. 111th Street, New York, New York; as Abraham SINKIN, 25; cutter, 353 S. 3rd Street, Brooklyn; father Aron, mother Lina HARKAVY; and Lina HARKAVY, 22, 272 S. 2nd Street, Brooklyn; father Louis HARKAVY, mother Minnie DAVISS; officiated by Rabbi H. LEVINE; witnesses Samuel SHULMAN, Louis BLOOM. Letchiya Garkavy died in 1960.
     She immigrated on 14 December 1904 to Ellis Island, New York; as Leah HARKARY, age 17, tailoress, from Wolkowisk; en route to brother Aron HARKARY, 193 Broome Street, New York. As of 30 May 1909, Letchiya Garkavy was also known as Lina Harkavy. She appeared on the census of 18 April 1910 at 353 S. 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York; as Lena SINKIN, age 22; living with husband Abraham SINKIN and sister Annie ARQUI [HARKAVY]. She appeared on the census of 18 April 1910 at 1452 Madison Avenue, New York, New York; as Lena HARKAVY, 32. tailor in store.

Family: Abraham S. Sinkin b. 15 Nov 1884, d. 4 Jul 1958