Annabelle Drogy

F, b. 15 October 1905
     Annabelle Drogy was born on 15 October 1905 at Kovno, Lithuania. She married Morris Abraham Drogiczanski, son of Jankiel Drogiczanski and Gitla Levin, on 14 October 1928 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
     As of 20 April 1921, Annabelle Drogy was also known as Chana Bukanz entered U.S. as Chana BUKANZ. She was filed Petition for Naturalization with U.S. District Cout of Eastern District of Wisconsin; as Annabelle DROGY; born 15 Oct 1905 Kovno; immigrated U.S. 20 April 1921; witnesses: Otto Wolf, duggist, 4402 W. Center Street; Margaret Pinkus, housewife, 2578 N.49th Street. on 14 January 1938 at 2717 N. 44th Streer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Family: Morris Abraham Drogiczanski b. 2 Mar 1906, d. 13 Jun 1947