Charlotte Furst

Father*Philip Furst
Mother*Esther Stern
     Charlotte Furst was born circa 1900 at New York, New York. She was the daughter of Philip Furst and Esther Stern. Charlotte Furst married Abe Wilbur Wollins, son of Bernard-Benet Wollins and Leybe-Berta Harkavy Wollins, on 29 March 1925 at The Aristocrat, St. Mark's Place, New York, New York; Abe W. WOLLINS, 25, electrical appliance agent, 49 Prescott Street, Yonkers; Charlotte FURST, 19, 326 E. 81st; his father Bernard, mother Bertha HARKAVY; her father Philip, mother Esther STERN; officiated by Rabbi Joel BLAU; witnesses David MENKES and Nathan STERN; his signature as Abe Wilbur WOLLINS; NY marriage certificate 8547.