Abram Apel Zarembski

M, b. circa 1846
Father*Wulf Zarembski
Mother*Reiza unknown
     Abram Apel Zarembski was born circa 1846 at Sosnove, Ludvipol, Rovno, Volhynia; aged 57 at marriage in 1903 to Wiszka LEWTON. He was the son of Wulf Zarembski and Reiza unknown. He married Golda Fejga Grynberg, daughter of Chajm Lejba Grynberg and Ryfka unknown, in 1874 at Sokolow, Sokolow, Siedlce. He married Wiszka Lewton, daughter of Benjamin Lewton and Perla Saper, on 20 May 1903 at Sokolow, Sokolow, Siedlce; It took place in the city of Sokolov on the nineteenth of May, one thousand nine hundred and three years old at two o'clock in the afternoon. We declare that in the presence of witnesses Moshka Zaklikovsky thirty-six years old and Meniyamin Teitelbaum forty-seven years old, both schoolchildren living in Sokolovo, yesterday’s number at nine o'clock was (?) A religious marriage union between Abram Zarembsky, a breeder years old, the son of Wulf and Reiza of the Zarembsky couple, a permanent resident of Sosanova and Vishka Levton, a girl, thirty-two years of age, a daughter of Benjamin and Bejla of the Levton couple, a temporary resident alive while hot. Sokolow. This marriage was preceded by three announcements published in the Sokolovsky Jewish synagogue of the eighth, fifteenth and twenty-second (?) Of the current year. The religious ceremony of marriage is performed by Rabbi Sokolovsky district of God Zelik Morgenstein. The newlyweds said that the marriage contract between them was not concluded. The act of declaring and witnesses read, rabbi, witnesses and we signed. The newlyweds, on the other hand, stated that they could not write.

Family 2: Wiszka Lewton b. 1870