Faivel Yovnov-Aronov Proschansky

M, b. 1862, d. circa 1942
Father*Iovno Aron Leibov Proschansky b. 1826
Mother*Chana Rubinowitz b. 1833
     Faivel Yovnov-Aronov Proschansky was born in 1852 at Turets; per 1879 additional revision list. He was born in 1862 at Turets; per 1868 revision list. He was the son of Iovno Aron Leibov Proschansky and Chana Rubinowitz. Faivel Yovnov-Aronov Proschansky died circa 1942; Yizkor book from Mir.
     Faivel Yovnov-Aronov Proschansky also went by the name of Feiwel. He lived at Mir, Russia. Faivel Yovnov-Aronov Proschansky was also known as Feiwich Prosczczanski. He appeared on the census of 8 November 1879 at Turets; listed as Faivel Yovnov-Aronov PROSHCHANSKY in the additional revision list as resident of Turets, age 27.