Huguette Rozinoer Hofmann

F, b. 26 August 1925, d. 6 October 2014
Father*Maurice Rozinoer
Mother*Renee Blum
     Huguette Rozinoer Hofmann was born on 26 August 1925 at Paris, France. She was the daughter of Maurice Rozinoer and Renee Blum. Huguette Rozinoer Hofmann married Arnold Hofmann, son of Maurice Hoffman and Helena Berman, on 2 February 1950 at Paris, France. Huguette Rozinoer Hofmann died on 6 October 2014 at Ile de France, France, at age 89; buried in Bagneux cemetery, plot 55.

Family: Arnold Hofmann b. 15 Apr 1922, d. 1 Mar 2011

Huguette Hoffman, Paulette Berman, Arnold Hoffman. Photo courtesy Sylvain Berman.