Vladimir (Vulf) Garkavy

M, b. circa 1845, d. 8 September 1911
Father*Rabbi Yoysef-Betsalel Garkavy b. 1813, d. 1873
Mother*Tserna Ita Strashun b. c 1812
     Vladimir (Vulf) Garkavy was born circa 1822; per Al SHAPIRO. He was born circa 1845; per 1858 Revision List. He was the son of Rabbi Yoysef-Betsalel Garkavy and Tserna Ita Strashun. Vladimir (Vulf) Garkavy died on 8 September 1911 at Moscow.
     He was The son of Reb Yosif Bezalel, a man of learning and a maskil. He gained a university degree and was a prominent lawyer in Moscow, where he was a distinguished public figure in Jewish circles. He died on the 8th of September 1911. He wrote memoirs about his home town and his student days, which appeared in the Russian-Jewish annual “Perezitoe” (Experiences) (vol.4, pp 270-278).
(Novogrudok Yitzkor book.) Vladimir (Vulf) Garkavy was also known as Zeev Wolf Harkavy. He appeared on the census of October 1850 at Novogrudok, Novogrudok, Minsk; appeared on 1850 Revision List as Vol'f GARKAVY, son of Iosel Tsalko, age 5 when added in 1855; living with Mendel Aronov GARKAVY. He appeared on the census of 22 May 1858 at Novogrudok, Novogrudok, Minsk; as Vol'f GARKAVY, age 13.