Harry Grossman

M, b. 10 August 1904, d. 9 June 1988
Father*Srul-Lejba Kossower b. 1884
Mother*Sora Gitla Slomski b. 1885, d. 27 Oct 1957
     Harry Grossman was born on 10 August 1904 at Bialystok, Bialystok, Poland; date per Marilyn Cossever; place per JRI-Poland. He was the son of Srul-Lejba Kossower and Sora Gitla Slomski. Harry Grossman died on 9 June 1988 at New York, New York, at age 83.
     As of 1904, Harry Grossman was also known as Oszer Kossower per JRI-Poland.