Dora Lubtchansky Eizner

F, b. 27 May 1905, d. 2 November 1943
Father*Aron Lubtchansky
Mother*Rachel Lubtchansky
     Dora Lubtchansky Eizner married Itzek Maier Eizner. Dora Lubtchansky Eizner was born on 27 May 1905 at France. She was the daughter of Aron Lubtchansky and Rachel Lubtchansky. Dora Lubtchansky Eizner died on 2 November 1943 at Auschwitz, Poland, at age 38.
     She was deported on 16 October 1943 at Nice, France.

Family: Itzek Maier Eizner b. 18 Nov 1899, d. 1 Nov 1943