Oscar Collector

M, b. April 1876, d. 7 May 1926
Father*Morris Collector b. Apr 1857
Mother*Rebecca Collector b. Jan 1850, d. 14 Jan 1912
     Oscar Collector was born in April 1876. He was the son of Morris Collector and Rebecca Collector. Oscar Collector was born on 10 July 1876; per 1918 Selective Service registration. He married Rosa Collector, daughter of Jacob Brener and Rosa Sachs, circa 1903. Oscar Collector died on 7 May 1926 at Baltimore, Maryland, at age 50; buried Rosedale Cemetery / Shomrei Mishmeres - Old
Baltimore (Rosedale) / USA.

     He appeared on the census of 11 June 1900 at 1002 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland; as Oscar COLLECTOR; bakery. He appeared on the census of 18 April 1910 at 349 Church Street, Norfolk, Virginia; as Oscar COLLECTOR, merchant bakery. He was registered for Selective Service as Oscar COLLECTOR; baker; nearest relative Rosa COLLECTOR on 12 September 1918 at 229 County Street, Portsmouth, Virginia.

Family: Rosa Collector b. c 1886