Lena Bass

F, b. 15 November 1905, d. 12 February 2001
Father*Chaim Bass b. 10 Mar 1868, d. 1923
Mother*Malka Kobritz b. c 1869, d. 9 Feb 1948
     Lena Bass married David Kahn. Lena Bass was born on 15 November 1905 at Ostrozhets, Dubno, Volhynia. She was the daughter of Chaim Bass and Malka Kobritz. Lena Bass was born on 25 June 1910; per mother Mollie BASS's 1936 Declaration of Intention and 1939 Petition for Naturalization. She died on 12 February 2001 at Chicago, Illinois, at age 95.
     Lena Bass was also known as Ita Bass. She immigrated on 10 December 1923 to Ellis Island, New York; as Ita BAS, age 18; aboard Pittsburgh from Antwerp; occupation housework; last residence Rowne; en route to brother Louis BASS, 2700 W. 8th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio; detained for special inquiry before being admitted. She appeared on the census of 17 April 1930 at 1219 N. Spaulding, Chicago, Illinois; as Lena BASS, age 23; sales lady, clothing. She was filed Declaration of Intention as Lena BASS, born 15 Nov 1905 in Rowno, Poland; unmarried on 16 May 1941 at 3235 Potomac Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. She was filed Petition for Naturalization as Ita BASS aka Lena BASS; occupation, milliner; unmarried on 2 March 1944 at 3235 Potomac Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. She was naturalized on 31 May 1944 at Chicago, Illinois; swore Oath of Allegiance; naturalization certificate 5983411.

Family: David Kahn b. 16 May 1908, d. 1999