Chaim Bass

M, b. 10 March 1868, d. 1923
     Chaim Bass was born on 10 March 1868 at Rowna, Volin, Poland; per widow Mollie BASS 1938 Declaration of Intention. He married Malka Kobritz, daughter of Meir Aryeh Kobritz and Anna Greenburg, in October 1893; per Mollie Bass's 1936 Declaration of Intention and 1939 Petition for Naturalizaiton. Chaim Bass died in 1923; per widow Mollie BASS's 1938 Declaration of Intention.
     Chaim Bass was also known as Meir Son Louis's headstone: "Here lies Mr. Leib son of Mr. Meir, died 9 Tamuz 5721."

Family: Malka Kobritz b. c 1869, d. 9 Feb 1948