Sam Gelman

M, b. 24 January 1864, d. 21 January 1924
     Sam Gelman married Rachel Wodopyan. Sam Gelman was born on 24 January 1864 at probably Mozyr, Russia. He died on 21 January 1924 at 902 Hopkinson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, at age 59; as Sam GELMAN, aged 57; shoemaker; in US 10 years; wife made funeral arrangements; buried in Mount Lebanon Cemetery; NY death certificate 1551.
     As of 24 January 1914, Sam Gelman was also known as Zalmen Gelmann. He immigrated on 24 January 1914 to Ellis Island, New York; as Zalmen GELMANN, age 45; shoemaker; last residence Mosir; closest kin wife Rochel GELMANN, Mosir; en route to son Abram GELMANN, 612 3rd Avenue, NY. He was filed Declaration of Intention as Sam GILMANN, aged 55; born May 1865; shoemaker; wife Rose residing in Russia on 21 June 1920 at 890 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. As of 21 June 1920, Sam Gelman was also known as Sam Gillman. He was filed Petition for Naturalization as Sam GELMAN; born 24 Jan 1864 in Minsk; shoemaker; wife Rachel born 23 Jan 1865 and resides in Russia; children Anna, Sarah, and Abraham reside in New York; children Yale, Chana, Chaje, and Ischoch reside in Russia; witnesses Abraham GELMAN, tailor, 376 E. 8th Street; Sarah SELESNICK, housewife, 600 Concourse Avenue, Brooklyn on 10 October 1922 at 890 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. He was naturalized on 29 March 1923; swore Oath of Allegiance; certificate 1823573.

Family: Rachel Wodopyan b. 23 Jan 1865