Gussie Harkavy

F, b. 20 December 1892
Father*Elizar Harkavy d. 7 Feb 1936
Mother*Hannah Kaplan b. c 1864, d. 30 Oct 1919
     Gussie Harkavy was born on 20 December 1892 at Russia. She was the daughter of Elizar Harkavy and Hannah Kaplan. Gussie Harkavy married Aaron Ethan Haister, son of Isidore Haister and Leah Kaufman, on 4 April 1914 at 128 Rivington, New York, New York; as Aaron HAISTER, 21, 355 E. 10th Street; and Golde HARKAVY, 21, 253 Stockton Street; his father Isaac [HAISTER] and mother Leah KAOUFMAN; her father Eli HARKAVY and mother Hannah KAPLAN; officiated by Rabbi Zaill ROSE [?]; witnesses J. KAPLAN and Simon PRAGER [?]. Gussie Harkavy and an unknown person were divorced on 21 December 1949 at Bronx, New York; Bronx County, New York, Divorce and Civil Case Records, 1914-1995.
     As of 4 April 1914, Gussie Harkavy was also known as Golde Harkavy.

Family: Aaron Ethan Haister b. 1892, d. 1954