Benjamin Saber

M, b. circa 1886
Father*Aron Sebor
Mother*Estera Oldak
     Benjamin Saber was born circa 1886 at Lomza, Poland; per 1930 Census. He was the son of Aron Sebor and Estera Oldak. Benjamin Saber was born circa 1887; per ship's manifest. He married Rachel Leftin Saber, daughter of Benjamin Lewton and Perla Saper Leftin, in 1908 at Andrzejewo, Lomza, Poland.
     Benjamin Saber was also known as Perko Sebor. Benjamin Saber was also known as Berel Sebor. He immigrated on 16 July 1913 to Ellis Island, New York; as Perko SEBOR, aboard S.S. President Lincoln, from Hamburg. Closest kin: wife Ruchel SEBOR, Wengrowo, Russia. En route to see brother-in-law Herzko KAPLAN, 390 Grand Street, Manhattan. He appeared on the census of 8 April 1930 at 236 Henry Street, Manhattan, New York.

Family: Rachel Leftin Saber b. 1887