Chana Goldfarber

F, b. 1 September 1827
Father*Nosek Goldfarber
Mother*Sora Sznejer b. c 1777, d. 1851
     Chana Goldfarber was born on 1 September 1827; date from 1846 marriage record. She was the daughter of Nosek Goldfarber and Sora Sznejer. She married Berek Gersztejn, son of Gerszk Gersztejn and Chana Kelmanowna unknown, on 28 December 1846 at Ostrow Mazowiecka, Ostrow, Lomza; as Berek GOLDSZTEJN, 19; father Herszk Berekowicz; mother Chana Kelmanowna; and Chana GOLDFARBER, 19; father Nosek Boruchowicz; mother Sura Zelmanowna.

Family: Berek Gersztejn b. Nov 1827, d. 1884