Sors Risza Buniewicka

F, b. 9 September 1910
Father*Fejwel Buniewicki b. bt 1869 - 1870, d. 14 Sep 1932
Mother*Fruma Ethel Garkavy Buniewicka b. b 1874, d. 20 Mar 1940
     Sors Risza Buniewicka was born on 9 September 1910 at Mir, [Belarus]. She was the daughter of Fejwel Buniewicki and Fruma Ethel Garkavy Buniewicka.
     Sors Risza Buniewicka was also known as Sarah Reisha Buniewickiey. She immigrated on 8 July 1928 to Quebec, Canada; as Sura Ryssa BUNIEWICKI, age 18, from Southampton aboard Albertic; birthplace Mor [Mir], Poland; en route to sister Rose BEENIE, 3631 Urban Street, Montreal.