Yudel Leibov Proschansky

M, b. circa 1839
Father*Leib Proschansky
     Yudel Leibov Proschansky married Malke-Liebbe Evelova Hurwitz Proschansky, daughter of Evel Hurwitz (?). Yudel Leibov Proschansky was born circa 1839 at Turets; per 1874 revision list. He was the son of Leib Proschansky.
     Yudel Leibov Proschansky was also known as Yehuda Proszanski. Yudel Leibov Proschansky was also known as Judel Proszanski. He appeared on the census of 18 August 1874 at Turets; listed in the supplementary revision list as Judel Leibov PROSHCHANSKY, age 35; wife Malke Evelova, age 33; son Israel Khayam age 1; daughter Etka age 10; daughter Minka age 7; daughter Beila age 4.

Family: Malke-Liebbe Evelova Hurwitz Proschansky b. c 1841, d. c 1927