Muriel Beane

F, b. 15 November 1910, d. October 1982
Father*Sol Golubsky b. c 1876
Mother*Sure Golubsky b. c 1878
     Muriel Beane was born on 19 November 1909; per SSDI. She was born on 15 November 1910 at Lipno, Plock, Poland; date, Plocker per Petitition for Naturalization; Lipno per immigration manifest. She was the daughter of Sol Golubsky and Sure Golubsky. Muriel Beane married Joe Beane, son of Fejwel Buniewicki and Fruma Ethel Garkavy Buniewicka, on 19 June 1933 at Brooklyn, New York. Muriel Beane died in October 1982 at Brooklyn, New York, at age 71; 1 November 1982 buried at Montefiore Cemetery in Beane family plot.
     She immigrated on 7 July 1914 to Ellis Island, New York; as Mindel GOLUBSKY, aboard Vaderland from Antwerp; en route to father S. GOLUBSKY, 77 Ridge Street, NY. As of 7 July 1914, Muriel Beane was also known as Mindel Golubsky. She appeared on the census of 1 June 1915 at 457 E. Houston Street, New York, New York; as Mindel GULIPSKY. She was filed Petition for Naturalization; Petitions for Naturalization of the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York, 1865-1937 on 4 May 1936 at 393 Hewes Street, Brooklyn, New York. She was naturalized on 9 February 1937 at Brooklyn, New York. She appeared on the census of 15 April 1940 at 371 S. 5th Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Family: Joe Beane b. c 1900, d. 12 Feb 1957