Sarah Buniewicki

F, b. circa 1864, d. 4 February 1941
Father*Wulf Buniewicki b. 1840
Mother*Rachel Buniewicka
     Sarah Buniewicki married Schlome Polonski, son of Moses Judah Polonski and Jennie Charne Polonski. Sarah Buniewicki was born circa 1864. She was the daughter of Wulf Buniewicki and Rachel Buniewicka. Sarah Buniewicki died on 4 February 1941.
     She immigrated on 17 October 1911 to Ellis Island, New York; as Sarah POLONSKY, age 46, from Baranowicz, en route to husband Schlome POLONSKY, 67 Weir, Taunton, MA; closest kin brother Eisik BONIEWICZKI, Baranowicz.

Family: Schlome Polonski b. 17 Dec 1861, d. 31 Jul 1946