Sarah Harkavy

F, b. 1885, d. 28 November 1957
Father*Rabbi Yehudah Leib Garkavy b. 1850
Mother*Roza Sapir
     Sarah Harkavy was born in 1885. She was the daughter of Rabbi Yehudah Leib Garkavy and Roza Sapir. Sarah Harkavy married Israel Davis, son of Isaac Davis and Rosia Heller, on 4 August 1907 at 510 E. 85th Street, New York, New York; as Israel DAVIS, age 24, upholsterer, 180 Eldridge St; father Isaac DAVIS, mother Rosia HELLER; and Sarah HARKAVY, age 22, 180 Eldridge St; father Leib HARKAVY, mother Rashie SHAPIRO; officiated by Rabbi I.L. MARGOLIES; witnesses Charles SAVITZ and Pacy KESSLER; NY marriage certificate 20248. Sarah Harkavy died on 28 November 1957 at Memphis, Tennessee.
     Sarah Harkavy was also known as Sarah Garkavy. She emigrated on 25 May 1900 from Hamburg, Germany; departed Hamburg as Sore ARKAWI, age 18; aboard Vesta to London; residence Grodno; married; traveling with brother Aron. She emigrated on 12 June 1900 from Liverpool, England; as Sarah ARKOW (?), departed Liverpool aboard Lusitania for Quebec. She immigrated on 24 June 1900 to Montreal, Quebec, Canada; as Sarah AARON [corrected to Sarah ARKAWE], aboard Lusitania from Liverpool; 18, single, dressmaker; last residence Grodno; born Podolsk; en route to cousin SLYMAN, 249 Monroe Street, New York. She immigrated on 24 June 1900 to Montreal, Quebec, Canada; as Sarah AARON, 18; aboard Lusitania from Liverpool; dressmaker, en route to New York, per Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935.

Family: Israel Davis