Tlie Joselowitz

F, b. circa 1850, d. 9 November 1932
Father*Leib Yoselowitz
     Tlie Joselowitz married Mendel Harkavy. Tlie Joselowitz was born circa 1850. She was the daughter of Leib Yoselowitz. Tlie Joselowitz died on 9 November 1932 at 1340 55th Street, Brooklyn, New York; as Tillie HARKAVY, age 82; in U.S. 23 years; widow; daughter of Leib YOSELOWITZ and unknown mother; informant son Abraham; buried Montefiore Cemetery; NY death certificate 21690.
     Tlie Joselowitz was also known as Tillie Harkavy. She immigrated on 26 September 1910 to Ellis Island, New York; as Tule GARKOWY, age 55; aboard Lituania from Libau; born Turets; no relatives in old country; en route to son A. GARKOWY c/o M. MONASHA, 279 Stone Avenue, Brooklyn. She appeared on the census of 5 January 1920 at 198 Henry Street, New York, New York; as Tillie HARKAVY, age 65. As of 9 November 1932, Tlie Joselowitz was also known as Tillyeh Malka Harkavy daughter of Aryeh Lieb, per headstone.

Family: Mendel Harkavy d. 5 Oct 1931