George S. Harkavy

M, b. circa 1896
Father*Schmuel Harkavy b. c 1847, d. 20 Jun 1931
Mother*Mary Hurvitz d. 13 Apr 1924
     George S. Harkavy was born circa 1896; aged 26 at marriage in 1922. He was the son of Schmuel Harkavy and Mary Hurvitz. George S. Harkavy married Rebecca Harkavy, daughter of Julius Harkavy and Anna Steinbach, on 15 January 1922 at 207 E. Broadway, New York, New York; as Gorge S. HARKAVY, 26, merchant, 2117 Pacifick Street [sic]; son of Samuel HARKAVY and Mary HURVITZ, and Ray HARKAVY, 23, 171 E. Broadway; daughter of Julius [Harkavy] and Anna STEINBACK; officiated by Rabbi Solomon E. JOFFEE; witnesses Rabbi Ben Y. JOFFEE and Rabbi E. JOFFEE; NY marriage certificate 1972.
     George S. Harkavy immigrated on 13 September 1911 to Ellis Island, New York; as Getzel HARKAVY, age 17, clerk; last residence Stolbtzy; closest kin father Schmuel HARKAVY, Stolbtzy; en route to brother Leon HARKAVY, 392 Littleton Avenue, Newark, New Jersey; born Kolky. He appeared on the census of 1 June 1925 at 2084 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, New York; as S. George HARKAVAY, druggist. He appeared on the census of 16 April 1930 at 3420 Clarendon Road, Brooklyn, New York; as George S. HARKAVY, pharmacist. He was as George Samuel HARKAVY, registered for Selective Service; born 3 Jul 1895, Stolpci; wife Rae in 1942 at 348 89th Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Family: Rebecca Harkavy b. 16 Mar 1896, d. Dec 1984